Natural cosmetics, a term that has raised many doubts in minds of marketers and users alike.

Most natural cosmetic products are made from raw materials of plant and mineral (and sometimes animal) origin rather than synthetic chemicals or petrochemical compounds. No legally binding definition of the term “natural cosmetic product” has so far been coined, and although many manufacturers claim that their products are “natural”, analyses of their composition, based on the standards adopted by international natural cosmetics certification bodies, prove otherwise.

The fact that only natural ingredients have been used to make a cosmetic product does not guarantee that the product is free from petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients, which can accumulate in the human body. It is also possible that a natural ingredient in a cosmetic product can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.
 After all, nature contains a rich variety of substances that are potentially hazardous or simply toxic to humans.
Hence the importance of laboratories, and the knowledge and expertise of the manufacturers of natural skin care products who are able to extract what is most valuable in nature – and truly effective and safe for the skin.

It is essential that cosmetic manufacturers make informed decisions about which supplier to chose. It is also essential that consumers become acquainted with the manufacturer’s claims about the product and with the list of ingredients that is printed on the packaging. It is also important that you select the right cosmetic that pampers the needs and condition of your skin.

June 24, 2016 by Swagata Sarangi

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